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View Thread: Apple isn't an 'Evil Empire' Like Microsoft
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    The interesting thing is Microsoft got hate pretty much since they started in the late 1970s. Look up Bill Gates "Open Letter to Hobbyists". That letter where Bill Gates pretty much accused the the majority of hobbyists of being thieves. This event began to set the tone for hatred of Microsoft. It drew some hash reactions of the company right off the bat. What is not commonly known is Bill Gates actually wrote a second open letter after words, largely apologizing for the accusations in the first.

    Apple on the other hand was from very early on loved and almost worshiped, especially after the release of the Apple II. That's why Apple will never be the "evil empire", even as their market capitalization and size begins to approach Microsoft's. They just don't have the history.

    It all goes right to the core of the companies and their founding philosophies (note: I am not saying anything about actions). I don't think almost anyone predicted Microsoft would be this big in the 80s. Of course you can cheer lead one side one, FOSS/hobbyists, Apple, or Microsoft.  But you can not accurately predict who will win out in the end. Not in this industry.