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View Thread: Any upcoming Bill Hill, Brian Beckman or Steve Ballmer video?
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    vesuvius said:
    Bas said:
    I don't think that Kawasaki Keynote is repeatable. It really was a one off. You could watch it now and it would still be amazing. They could script it, and try and follow the same formula, but I don't think it'd be the same. They are right when they say that the keynote was legendary, certainly one of the most illuminating keynotes hitherto.

    In some ways, it illustrates the value of getting "outsiders" especially from people like Apple. Sometimes Microsoft interviews lack the "bite" that you get when everyone is "singing off the same hymn sheet", hence people start saying it is a PR exercise.

    Apart from the Somas, Guthries, and Ozzies, I find that the technical fellows make for the best interviews. Whether it's Burton Smith, Heijlsberg or John Shewchuk. If you really want to know Microsoft, head straight for these guys, they are the guys I respect the most.
    *cough* *cough* I have seen Bill very recently... Smiley Stay tuned.