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View Thread: No more Seinfeld ads?
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    stevo_ said:
    matthews said:
    I really doubt they got pulled, do you realize how much work goes into each ad and how long ago they were probably made. If they are moving onto something else then that was decided way way way before people saw these ones..

    I'll wait and see what happens and see if its any good vs analysing thin air..
    I disagree. they pulled those adds after they found out people just did not like or connect with them.

    I have to hand it to Microsoft and give them some credit for going out on a limb and trying something new. they cant stay complacent. the more out there the adds can be the better. Remember the cheesy car sales man with the velvet jacket and ten gallon cow boy hat who said "come on down to joes". well microsoft needs something like that. edjy, sofisticated, memrable. it works.

    I think with the adds they tried to associate microsoft with food and shoes. because every one eats and almost every one wears shoes. but what about featuring something that not very many people do. Like spolunking, sky diving, or reading. but if your going to associate windows with food, make sure its a food every one likes, chiros? how about brokly, people hate borckly, associate Macs with brockoly. Green raw dry brockoly.