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    Dovella said:
    tfraser said:
    At this moment have  1000 Eur to thrown,

    I have 3 PC

    1st  Intel quad core 9550 , 8gb Ram Nvidia 8800 GTX on Mb Asus p5n 650 SLI.   on monitor Dell Ultrasharp  27 in DVi S-Pva , Vista x 64 Ultimate Sp1

    2nd  Notebook Dell XPS  with Vista Ultima x86  sp1

    3  PC made in 2002/3 with

    Asus p4p800  Intel P IV 2,4 ghz 1,5 gb ddr 400 and Nvidia 7600 GS   Vista Ultimate x86  SP1  (update to leater Ram and Gpu) on Acer Monitor

    I have Samsung Omnia with Windows Mobile 6.1

    in every one of these PCs do not have the slightest problem ,

    Using photoshop without problems, do video editing without problems, listening to music without problems, use the Internet without problems ,
    I synced all my mail into and out smoothly with Live (free)
    I synced my mobile without problem
    use the best Open Source software without problems
    I have a streaming video throughout my house that is extraordinary
    Play the best game without problems
    I have all software available in the world
    I decide if I change GPU, CPu, Ram, Mb etc.

    I said as the first i have  1000 Eur to thrown,

    damn me 1 reason to get a Mac

    one reason

    I don't know if Apple is doing this anymore, but in the USA for $999 you could have gotten a Macbook with a Core Duo processor and a free iPod Touch. Apple laptops have better build quality and domestic tech support. One is also interesting is you can go into any Apple store and schedule an appointment with a "genius", for tech support issues, free of charge. I think that makes Apple much more appealing for computer illiterate users. For developers, you basically need an Apple machine if you want to do Cocoa or iPhone development. I'm starting to see a lot job oppertunities now that ask for this, it's always good broaden your horizons imo.