blowdart said:
Dovella said:
I don't believe you don't have problems; if only because I probably have the same laptop, and the nvidia drivers are buggy.

It doesn't help that windows doesn't seem to keep enough GDI resources free sometimes; so when the laptop comes out of suspend the login window doesn't get displayed. Oops.
Barry i use Driver form Laptopvideotogo

This version   177.98 Vista x86       This modded info

but also the first in any case I had problems
probably the Nvidia defect is random (apple inclused)

on the contrary in Italy many problems were encountered with monitors grainy (samsung)
i have Lg

this is Italian official thread of Dell xps 1530

(you can use google translate , live, bablefish etc)

0 problem with Nvidia Gpu
1000 problem with monitor grainy