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    Bass said:
    Dovella said:
    I don't know if Apple is doing this anymore, but in the USA for $999 you could have gotten a Macbook with a Core Duo processor and a free iPod Touch. Apple laptops have better build quality and domestic tech support. One is also interesting is you can go into any Apple store and schedule an appointment with a "genius", for tech support issues, free of charge. I think that makes Apple much more appealing for computer illiterate users. For developers, you basically need an Apple machine if you want to do Cocoa or iPhone development. I'm starting to see a lot job oppertunities now that ask for this, it's always good broaden your horizons imo.
    Dell support in Italy is number One  (littleguru  testimonial)
    for the rest, in my PC there I only put your hands.
    Cocoa ? im user not developers.

    PS i pay my Dell 799 Eur.