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View Thread: No more Seinfeld ads?
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    androidi said:
    wisemx said:

    In any case it's looking quite half-as*ed to first do something that appears original and then move to copy the idea from Apple. Though in retrospect the whole Seinfeld thing wasn't that original after all it was something as dumb you'd have in that show. Maybe the whole strategy is to do one seemingly dumb thing after another to keep people talking.

    Now if there was some defending of Vista vs OS X going on atleast in tech circles I can safely say it started way beyond these ads as people got tired of the increasing amount of mac zealots ravings as they did with the penguin zealots before.

    I kinda like the child-like feel to the whole thing.
    We are after all no diferent than little kids tossing rocks at each other. Big Smile