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View Thread: No more Seinfeld ads?
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    Turbodad said:
    wisemx said:
    By modeling their new ads on Apple's campaign (and even coming up with a Hodgman clone) Microsoft firmly admitted defeat. You don't run a winning ad campaign like this.

    As for bitterness, I guess I feel for the fellow developers at Microsoft. There are many extremely talented and creative engineers at MS, but imagine how bitter they must be feeling right now as they see their genuine efforts being turned into tuЯd by hordes of incompetent nincompoops in MS marketing and management.
    What's a winning ad? Yes this ad is a response to the apple ad. The whole campaign is the respone to the apple ad. Is the responsive ad automatically make it the losing ad? No matter what MS do with their ad, the apple ad will always stick to people's head (hate or love). So if MS can make the ad sticks, they have a winning ad..not because it's the responsive ad, but because it sticks...

    As for the MS engineer being bitter...I think they bitter because of the apple ads, not MS'