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View Thread: No more Seinfeld ads?
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    There will still be more ads, though probably no more Seinfeld. That's a shame because I was starting to like the Bill and Jerry combination, however The New York Times reported on where the campaign is going next and it sounds like it will get even more interesting.

    For those who don't read the article, among other things they are going to start turning the Get a Mac advertisements back on Apple by seizing the PC character and using him to promote Windows. Judging by the picture accompanying the article I'm guessing that there must have been some human cloning going on to get someone that looks that similar to John Hodgman.

    I think Apple could start feeling some pressure from this since from what I have heard most people already like the PC character more than the Mac.

    Edit 1: The article also mentions that up to 60 Microsoft employees will be featuring in the upcoming ads. Does this mean we could see someone from the EvNet team on television soon?