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View Thread: No more Seinfeld ads?
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    Ray7 said:
    Bas said:
    Well, I'm going to have to agree with you on this one.

    I don't know why the Seinfield ads were pulled after just two; MS says that this was part of the grand plan, but the general feeling is that they lost their nerve after they received negative comments. But if MS is going to react like this to negative comments in the blogsphere, then they may as well close down the Windows division and just write software for the Mac platform.

    By the looks of it, these new ads are playing directly into Apple's hands.

    They've decided to jump into the mud where Apple can hold Microsoft's head under for a few years until it stops moving.

    There is no way, that MS can win against Apple in the fanboy arena. No way. This is going to be a blood bath that will probably get Apple up to 20% of the installed base without even trying.

    Have to hand it to Jobs. He knows how consumers think and how his competitors will react. As MS is about to prove, this is a pretty unbeatable combination ....

    I understand your thinking, but at the same time I'm also conscious that Microsoft can't stand around doing nothing while the Get a Mac ads continue to run.

    No matter how you interpret the actual commercials the fact is that Apple is actively selling itself to consumers while tearing into Microsoft's reputation. The average customer (who doesn't know much about computing) will no doubt just play along with this unless they're also provided with the alternative view from Microsoft.

    Your prediction would probably be realised if all users had a solid understanding of the industry but fortunately (for Microsoft) that isn't the case.