Dovella said:
tfraser said:
At this moment have  1000 Eur to thrown,

I have 3 PC

1st  Intel quad core 9550 , 8gb Ram Nvidia 8800 GTX on Mb Asus p5n 650 SLI.   on monitor Dell Ultrasharp  27 in DVi S-Pva , Vista x 64 Ultimate Sp1

2nd  Notebook Dell XPS  with Vista Ultima x86  sp1

3  PC made in 2002/3 with

Asus p4p800  Intel P IV 2,4 ghz 1,5 gb ddr 400 and Nvidia 7600 GS   Vista Ultimate x86  SP1  (update to leater Ram and Gpu) on Acer Monitor

I have Samsung Omnia with Windows Mobile 6.1

in every one of these PCs do not have the slightest problem ,

Using photoshop without problems, do video editing without problems, listening to music without problems, use the Internet without problems ,
I synced all my mail into and out smoothly with Live (free)
I synced my mobile without problem
use the best Open Source software without problems
I have a streaming video throughout my house that is extraordinary
Play the best game without problems
I have all software available in the world
I decide if I change GPU, CPu, Ram, Mb etc.

I said as the first i have  1000 Eur to thrown,

damn me 1 reason to get a Mac

one reason

I don't believe you don't have problems; if only because I probably have the same laptop, and the nvidia drivers are buggy.

It doesn't help that windows doesn't seem to keep enough GDI resources free sometimes; so when the laptop comes out of suspend the login window doesn't get displayed. Oops.