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    Bas said:

    I was looking at the video and it immediately confirmed what I had imagined: walking a 3D avatar through a 'museum' with Flickr pictures.

    I never understood why companies figure that I want that. I didn't understand it with the whole Second Life Shopping thing either. "This is the future: you'll do your online shopping by walking through a 3D isle and grabbing the stuff you want, and walking to the 3D cash register." Why on earth would I want to mimic real stores when I can just go to a web page and instantly bring up exactly what I am looking for, and buy it within five seconds?

    Similarly, why would I want to walk a virtual avatar through a virtual museum past one picture by one to look at a guy's photo album, when I can just go to Flickr and see the pictures straight in front of me and click 'next'?

    I always had this little theory that things like this are just a cover for an embezzling operation.

    Step 1: Nefarious software developer comes up with flashy, yet totally useless concept (thus, almost zero running costs)
    Step 2: Developer scores venture capital investment from clueless investors who like what they see, but don't really think too much about it
    Step 3.1: Developer embezzles the money into a side account or buying up lots of "necessary" hardware
    Step 3.2: Developer spends a pittance of time actually developing the concept into real software
    Step 3.3: Project fails and the investors get out, but leaving behind the company's existing assets
    Step 3.4: Profit!

    Note: No "???" step. Smiley