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    Bas said:

    I was looking at the video and it immediately confirmed what I had imagined: walking a 3D avatar through a 'museum' with Flickr pictures.

    I never understood why companies figure that I want that. I didn't understand it with the whole Second Life Shopping thing either. "This is the future: you'll do your online shopping by walking through a 3D isle and grabbing the stuff you want, and walking to the 3D cash register." Why on earth would I want to mimic real stores when I can just go to a web page and instantly bring up exactly what I am looking for, and buy it within five seconds?

    Similarly, why would I want to walk a virtual avatar through a virtual museum past one picture by one to look at a guy's photo album, when I can just go to Flickr and see the pictures straight in front of me and click 'next'?

    There are lots of great uses for 3D.  This definitely isn't one of them.  Yuck!