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View Thread: "I'm a PC" debuts
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    BlackTiger said:
    Bas said:
    Not my problem.
    Exactly what I thought.

    Ontopic: I've now seen the ad, and it looks good, although I still think it's more bland and less noticable than the Seinfeld ads. I still don't see what the whole "Shoe circus was an introduction" thing meant. It had absolutely nothing to do with this new ad. Bet we won't hear an explanation about that mystery on the Windows Vista blog.

    What I would have liked to see was name and profession labels for everyone in the ad. It's that I had seen a picture of Deepak Chopra in his office leading up to this ad, otherwise I would have had no idea whatsoever who that guy was. I'm pretty sure I missed a couple more celebrities in there.

    I loved that "I have a beard..." *awkward pause* guy, by the way.