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    Selling WIndows

    Paul T.

    The future of Windows is on devices and the Web

    OK, we all know Windows is a huge success, but consider the following facts and figures. Despite years of expensive advertising, Apple still controls less than 4 percent of the worldwide market for PC sales. Meanwhile, the Windows division at Microsoft generated almost $17 billion in revenues in the company's most recent fiscal year, with profits of more than $13 billion. That means that operating margin for Windows is, get this, a whopping 77 percent. Put another way, the Windows business is a license to print money.

    But the future is ever unfolding and today's dominant product could be tomorrow's also-ran. In late 2007, Microsoft banded together a team to explore the future for Windows. Working under this codename FTP168 (for Free The People 24 X 7), this team began exploring how it could communicate all of the things that were possible using Windows on a PC, on the Web, and with a smart phone. The idea is that while the Windows experience today largely occurs on the PC, that won't always be the case. And various product teams at Microsoft are racing to ensure that Windows on the Web, and on mobile devices, is as useful and exciting as its more traditional PC brethren.