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    brian.shapiro said:
    Dovella said:
    Dovella you can make a video of yourself and they'll use it in ads they'll run on the web and on a jumbo screen in Times Square.

    This is from the FAQ for the campaign


    I have a Mac, can I participate?

    Of course you can. A Mac can be a PC too, most notably when it runs Windows® VistaTM.


    Big Smile but i have Pc and i'm PC Wink

    ps. only video  not photo??

    edit see here

    “I’m a PC” – Community, Not Competition
    Another major element of this next phase of the Windows marketing initiative is a series of television and Web ads called “Real PC”. The ads feature a diverse group of faces representing the one billion people who use Windows PCs worldwide, all celebrating the sense of power and community Windows enables by declaring: “I’m a PC.” The ads will feature green architect Edouard Francois, astronaut Bernard Harris and celebrities such as Eva Longoria and Deepak Chopra, but the main focus is on real PC users of all ages and from all walks of life, such as teachers, cabbies, designers and fish mongers.

    Veghte describes how Windows users can join the community by creating their own spots. “One of the really fun things we’ve done is to create a series of ads called ‘I’m a PC’--and we’re enabling every PC user to upload their own I’m a PC spot,” he says. “So you can upload it and we’ll publish it and amplify it on and then we’ll do better than that – we’ll publish some of those I’m a PC spots in places like digital billboards in Times Square.”


    PS PS.

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