Dovella said:
Ray7 said:
I disagree with the whole speech, but especially here

I do not know who may have problems with this gentleman Microsoft ,
but at least for what I am concerned, I am a consumer User
and I have always found the highest availability and beyond in this company that I can consider family
i agreed with the whole speech.

it basically says - both corporations are putting too much emphasis on lock in so the only difference becomes price.

if and when google - brings out a branded ubuntu or other - with chrome kiosk UI - ... with no anti-consumer anything - both apple and ms - will have to re-think all their activation, big media limitations etc...

wouldnt it be great - if one of said companies - did it first - to get the momentum (its inevitable anyway)

windows - without walls.   WOW!

edit: even if google doesnt - someone will - like GOS and its minions.  Just picture OEMs - you mean i just load this for free?
So apple and ms will adjust...  all im saying is - ADJUST first!

*rip all the crap out = trust = high road = profit  Tongue Out