rated 5 star on cnet.

Ok I agree that when it comes to web apps and
support for all basci standers and everything
IE rocks but there are few things,  like small
things that are not included in IE.

I found this MDI browser and its really cool like
all the small things they have provided , flash anim
blocking , 1 clikc options etc. What i really like
about this browser is that it saves current opend
pages in cache so if accidently u r windows got hung
( high chances ) or u r pc shuts of and you have 10
windows open then when you open this browser next time it will ask you if you would like to reload
all the pages again. For me its very useful as i have
atlest 5 forum and news websites are open all the time.

What do u guys think about it? I hope Microsfot
checks out all this small things in these different
browsers and include more user friendly stuff in IE7.


EDIT 03/04/2005

try this in Avant ....this is awesome

press righ click and just move it towards showed directions
and it will perform the task......oh I am loving this.....

creates a new tab.

creates a new tab in the background.

navigates the active browser window to the previous page in history.

navigates the active browser window to the next page in history.

actives previous window.

actives next window.

closes the active browser window.

closes all opened browser windows except the active one.

refreshes the contents of the active browser window.