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    pwzeus wrote:
    I agree as a developer its useless but avant is
    daffinatly better for home user like my sister
    loves it and oh may be its me but i felt like its faster and light then IE and Firefox.
    so my only point was it would be great if IE
    can come up with this kind of stuff also which
    is more user friendly adn secure at the same time.

    How can Avant be "faster and lighter" than IE? They both use the same rendering and parsing engines, Avant has more features piled into the chrome, and IE is integrated with windows and loaded upon startup.

    Unless you mean you've used it too much to the point where it becomes almost permanently embedded into your prefetch dir, but you could say the same for Firefox... now it loads faster than IE on my 'puter.

    Oh, and discover this thing called "read what you've written" before hiding the 'post' button, it'll make your posts a lot more coherent.