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    wkempf said:
    FUD.  You don't serve your cause by spreading lies.  I have lots of complaints when it comes to DRM, but no one will listen to you if you spread FUD.

    "These days, you cannot record the sound coming out of your computer's speakers, because the fear is that what is playing is copyright material.  And who are you to record that? "

    Non-copyrighted material, and even a lot of copyrighted material, is not protected by DRM, and nothing legal or technological prevents you from copying it.  DRM is stupid, and we need to protest its use, but scare tactics like this aren't called for.  Oh, and no matter how much we dislike DRM, it doesn't make much sense to complain about the OS or the hardware.  The problem is with the media, not the software and hardware that allows you to play the media.
    Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt.  That is what IBM used to spread about the BUNCH companies in legacy days.  Well, I'm not about to spread FUD.  Microsoft has clearly embraced Digital Rights Management as closely as Time-Warner and Fox.   What Microsoft has not done is clearly express what is and what is not supported in its software.  Capabilities come and capabilities go.  And you only find out about what has changed when you try to use capabilities and they don't work.  Are they not working because the user interface has changed?  Don't know.  Are they not working because Microsoft's 400 lawyers sent down The Word that it is now illegal?  Don't know.  Microsoft spends a fortune writing words that are supposed to inform the public, especially the Developing Public.  Where is the information regarding how to record the sound coming out of your computer speakers?  If doing that is now prohibited, then say so.  I don't have a cause.  I think every decision made in Congress is divinely inspired.  I'm doing business with Microsoft when I buy their product.  They should be man enough to tell me what their product can do, can no longer do, and how I can work it to my advantage.  And I state this in all humility and in deep respect of the many talented people who work at Microsoft.