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    Mark Brown said:
    magicalclick said:
    @magicalclick. Can you send me the two locations you are creating a route for? I want to repro what you are seeing.


    EDIT: Just tested various driving directions and am not seeing the same behavior. My guess is that our base data may have incorrect coordinates for the route you are searching for. Send me the start and end locations so I can repro and I'll send along to the product team.  --Thanks.
    Ok mark, I see the problem now. The same old same old MS sucks at DPI issue.
    I turn back to 96DPI. Everything is fine now.

    First IE8 HTML ignore DPI setting.
    Second Live Messenger Online Status drop down list empty bug on DPI setting.
    Now, Live Map can't work with high DPI setting. (Not sure it is the service or IE8)
    MS sucks at DPI and yet all the childish talks about DPI.

    Who would suffer? People like me don't want fussy low resolution and don't want buggy high DPI result.