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View Thread: Latest version of Virtual Earth is released!
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    Mark Brown said:
    Dovella said:
    Thanks Dovella. I highly recommend my webcast coming up on October 3rd for those interested in getting deep on implementing the new features in the VE Map Control 6.2 and our new VE Web Service. I have a link above but here's the details. I am also going to be cranking out a ton of new white papers including how to write a VE Silverlight application. Stay tuned to my blog above for details on that.

    Virtual Earth 6.2 Technical Webcast

    • Event Date: Friday, October 3, 2008
    • Event Time: 10:00 AM PT
    • Duration: 90 minutes

    Join Mark Brown, Senior Product Manager for Virtual Earth to get a deep dive review of the next version of Virtual Earth 6.2 with demos throughout to show you how to leverage these in your applications. In addition we are releasing Virtual Earth Web Services v1.0. This SOAP-based web service was designed for developers looking to build and deploy mapping applications in a server-side environment and provides support for building desktop and mobile applications. Mark will also go through a number of the features in this v1 release with some demos and sample code as well.

    Test your System (do this today)

    Join the Event (10/3/08, 10am Pacific)

    Telephone Dial in (if you don’t have computer mic/speakers)

    Hope to see you all there Smiley


    Mark are you in the team? Super bad bug. Please put it on high priority.
    When I use direction, the direction line is scaled down compare to the current level of map. Even when I zoom really close to street, the direction line still managed to move around like crazy. The direction line is screwed. But when I click print, the lines are ok.

    I am using Vista Ultimate x64,  144DPI, IE8 Beta, Zoom 100%, Text = medium.
    Zoom and Compatibility has no effect.

    BTW, the add a stop sucks compare to Google interactive custom route. I know it is for different purpose, thus, we should add a stop and reorder it to achive the same custom route effect. But it is tidious and the refresh page is so weak compare to Google real time changes.

    Sorry this is harsh, please fix the problem at least. For this MS fanboy trying to use Live Map instead of Google Map.