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    Mark Brown

    Ion Todirel said:
    Mark Brown said:
    I mean for example on GMaps bus stations are already on the map, you can interact with them and get some info about that, but you cannot get their lat/long coordinates, can you do that in Live Maps?
    @Ion Todirel, in Live Maps? No. That's our consumer maps offering and most consumers don't care about what the lat/long is for a particular Point of Interest. But you can do it in VE for essentially any data or point on a map. Basically build a search using the Find() function to return POI data like bus stations and then code up the Reverse Find to return the address to the user when they click on a push pin to a bus station. Trouble here could be that the Find() function returns more than just bus stations. Using our VE Web Service (VEWS) however you can build a more granular search and filter results to get what you want and then iterate through the search results and plot using a VE Map Control in JS.

    Hope that helps.