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    Mark Brown

    magicalclick said:
    Mark Brown said:
    Mark are you in the team? Super bad bug. Please put it on high priority.
    When I use direction, the direction line is scaled down compare to the current level of map. Even when I zoom really close to street, the direction line still managed to move around like crazy. The direction line is screwed. But when I click print, the lines are ok.

    I am using Vista Ultimate x64,  144DPI, IE8 Beta, Zoom 100%, Text = medium.
    Zoom and Compatibility has no effect.

    BTW, the add a stop sucks compare to Google interactive custom route. I know it is for different purpose, thus, we should add a stop and reorder it to achive the same custom route effect. But it is tidious and the refresh page is so weak compare to Google real time changes.

    Sorry this is harsh, please fix the problem at least. For this MS fanboy trying to use Live Map instead of Google Map.
    @magicalclick. Can you send me the two locations you are creating a route for? I want to repro what you are seeing.


    EDIT: Just tested various driving directions and am not seeing the same behavior. My guess is that our base data may have incorrect coordinates for the route you are searching for. Send me the start and end locations so I can repro and I'll send along to the product team.  --Thanks.