I don't really understand why the PInvoke.net is missing the structs, enums and delegates already provided here:


When there is

static extern int SetDIBitsToDevice(IntPtr hdc, int XDest, int YDest, uint
   dwWidth, uint dwHeight, int XSrc, int YSrc, uint uStartScan, uint cScanLines,
   byte [] lpvBits, [In] ref BITMAPINFO lpbmi, uint fuColorUse);

The BITMAPINFO could be a hyperlink to the struct, but the struct could perhaps be also shown on the same page or something.

OTOH MS should incorporate some way to pull different variations of the PInvoke declarations and structs straight from the IDE.

And if I am reading some WIN32 functions help while being in a C# project for example, there could be a way to pull the C# declarations from Internet database directly in the MSDN help.