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View Thread: Apple's App Store schizophrenia driving developers crazy
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    tfraser said:
    Dovella, The Coffehouse is not supposed to be a news aggregator. It's not constructive to just post links to news items, especially when they are always either biased in Microsoft's favour or critical of another company.

    Regarding the article, at least now all iPhone developers should know that they run the risk of having their applications rejected. I can understand Apple's intention to maintain the integrity of the App Store and I support their decision to knock back the software cited in the article.

    I'm tired of hearing iPhone developers complaining when their applications aren't accepted. If they want certainty that they can build whatever they like then they should have selected Windows Mobile or Android as a platform instead.
    I'm sorry but every day I see the opposite. And I do not understand why in that case none of you speak.