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Thinking of ending it all.

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    Ok, do we have ADMIN here or no cant you just ban
    the topic or block it delete it I mean this is
    forum on for crying out loud
    it will be in news tomorrow Tongue Out

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    pwzeus wrote:

    Ok, do we have ADMIN here 

    Yes todays one of their days off.

    Get with it people,

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    Dr Herbie

    As someone who has just come off anti-depressants, I can safely say that drugs may not cure the problem, but they certainly give you space to effect a cure.

    If you feel so low that you are genuinely contemplating suicide, then go see your doctor.  Even admitting the problem can be part of the cure, and getting a helpful response from the doctor will immediately make you feel better.

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    I can relate to what you are saying. The world always seems such a frightful creature which I don't think I can ever control. In fact whenever I do try to control it I become a much worse person than what I want to be and that is just unbearable. I can't help but compare myself unfavorably to millions of other people I see or hear about. Sometimes I wish either I was not smart enough to understand my pitiable condition or wasn't dumb enough to be able to make a winner out of myself.
    But all this occurs to me only when I am so embroiled in the material world that, that is all I can see. But I know otherwise. I know that there is God who knows everything and understands everything. He is the one who tells me what to do and what not to do even though those actions don't usually bring me any material gains. Yes, I am not strong enough to always follow His instructions but still whenever I talk to Him he looks at be kindly and with love. He makes me realize that all my pain comes not from lack of trying but from trying too hard and not having faith in Him. He shows me how to see my few years of life on this planet in the right perspective with respect to the billions of years of the universe.
    Whenever I understand what He is saying I suddenly am not afraid of my sadness or pain because they are just as temporary as everything else around me. It is at these moments that I truly understand the fate awaiting us all - that everything and everyone would be lost without a trace in the sands of time, including Time itself, so what am I worried about?

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    next_step wrote:
    blah blah blah ARE YOU 100% SURE

    Haven't we banned this IP yet?

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    Sven Groot

    Minh wrote:
    Rossj wrote:
    Erm isn't ç (extended) ascii 135? It is used in lots of languages (French (as in façade), Turkish etc) and on my mac at least was just a meta key press.
    I don't want to sound too callus, but it's not a character you'd get if you type directly into C9 post form.

    I can get it just fine typing directly into the C9 post form: ç

    As well as plenty of other diacritic characters, such as äåé®þüúíóöáßðø (this is just holding the Alt Gr key (right alt) and going over the top row of keys of my keyboard).


    Regardless of what the OP did, you don't need to use Word to get any of those characters. Smiley

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    scobleizer wrote:
    Dude: I've been in dark places too.

    Three years ago I was in a car wreck, got a divorce, had to lay myself off, and my grandma died, all in the space of five months.

    That was three years ago.

    What would have happened if I had ended it all back then? Would channel 9 have happened? Would I have gotten remarried? Would I have gotten this awesome job at Microsoft?

    Here's how I did it: inch-by-inch. At my darkest day back in February 2002 (my layoff anniversary is Monday, by the way) I just told myself "I'm going to do something every day to make tomorrow a little better than today. Today a little better than yesterday.

    It's the trendline that matters.

    Hell, if you're broke, what else do you have to lose? Go sit on the beach or in a park. Enjoy the sunset. Laugh at us working suckers.

    But, start something. Something small. Work on a book. Take a picture. Make a picture. Smell the flowers.

    If you need to talk, I'll be on Skype later. Or you know my cell phone (It's on the home page of my blog).

    Inch-by-inch. So, what you gonna do to make tomorrow better than today?

    Geez, Scoble, I hope I don't catch up to you soon in this regard.  I'm going through a divorce, and had two minor car accidents in one month (I rarely have any).  I nearly got into two head-on collisions in that same, because somebody was driving down the wrong side of the highway, and another because a driver went over the center line.  If that doesn't rattle a person...

    I don't want to turn this into a self-help forum, but since I am unable to gauge the seriousness of the original post, I will mention a few things.  Like it was written above..."start something" is good advice.  I've been on the divorce "rollercoaster" for a few months now, and have learned to try new things (cross country skiing, for example).  But I have been trying to help myself in multiple ways...books, returning to church, seeing a doctor, seeing a counselor, visiting family, working out, reconnecting with friends, you name it.  Relying on one "method" is usually not enough, however, and often people with well-intentioned advice do not know enough of the specifics of your situation, so you have to take it with a grain of salt.  Often there are multiple factors involved that put you in your current situation, and sometimes things are out of your control.  If suicide is more than a passing thought, get help immediately.  Have I ever thought about that?  Yup, but only in passing.  Have things been dark for me lately?  Without a doubt.  I usually like to look at the big picture, but lately it is strictly a day-by-day thing. That's the only way out. 

    By the way, if the original poster needs a list of books to read (self-help stuff), e-mail me.  I have been through a ton of them lately...some were pretty good.

    Edit: Oh, and as far as the job market thing...I went through a mass layoff, too, four years ago in October of 2001 (nice timing, eh?)...and I put in 120 apps to all types of jobs. That took real patience.  But it was persistence and the 120th one that made the difference.  Now my work environment is better than ever and I have more opportunities than before.

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    Tom Servo

    I see I'm not the only one that thinks that Toobroke is a gimmick of Aloha.

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    Sven Groot wrote:
    Minh wrote: I don't want to sound too callus, but it's not a character you'd get if you type directly into C9 post form.

    I can get it just fine typing directly into the C9 post form: ç

    As well as plenty of other diacritic characters, such as äåé®þüúíóöáßðø (this is just holding the Alt Gr key (right alt) and going over the top row of keys of my keyboard).


    Regardless of what the OP did, you don't need to use Word to get any of those characters.
    Yes, I realized you can easily type those characters from the keyboard. But it's just not something a depressed person would do. "Let see... f...a...Alt+135...a...d...e..." Word, on the other hand, does it automatically for you. In the States, we all got a little lesson from the fake Bush papers. Plus, if you look at the CSS style of the original message, you'll see that it was copy+paste from Word.

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    Here is a best self incrimination post I have ever read of someone who is creating  multi-user accounts.

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    Tom Servo wrote:
    I see I'm not the only one that thinks that Toobroke is a gimmick of Aloha.

    Yes, call me a cynical old fool if you like but if you think about the actions required:

    * Type the letter in Word
    * Sign up for a new user account
    * Copy, paste and post the message

    It doesn't quite gel with the idea of someone who is about to give up on life...

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    Keep in mind that we are dealing with several juvenile megalomaniacs who have been raping, plundering, killing and conquering in virtual worlds since they were three feet high.     

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    I believe in God, but he doesn't keep your hand during the rough walk in life. I also had several times when I was thinking of starting again in another country and just leave everybody behind, or kill myself etc...
    Now I think of it, what a coward I was. Just like some people said here, the only way is 2 steps up, one step or sometimes 2 or 3 steps back, but keep going on. You'll see, it will work even if it takes time.

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    Oh and another one. If you dont't have one already, find a girl-friend -Smiley

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    That reminds me.

    Its really no mystery why the boxer killed himself.

    Depression and dementia due to head trauma is NOT a new thing.  It has happened to several friends of mine who have been in severe car accidents.  Doctors are suppose to monitor for this, but if you stop going back to them, they might not have a chance to warn you - or even know you should be warned.

    Plus some doctors may just ask "you feeling ok?" and not lead you into stating something that may have happened.  (Someone is more likely to say they are depressed, if you specifically ask them, than if you ask them how they are feeling in general.)

    Ask anyone that has been to medical school and they will tell you about when it seemed like they had every disease they read about.  So I'm not advocating that you go studying articles like this and die of misprint, but I am pointing it out because it may be relevant to what has gone on here with some people.

    My point is Scoble and others may have had increased depression due to head trauma (car accident), and this is not just a blip on the radar it is a serious medical condition that can happen whenever your brain gets slammed around.

    So if you can imagine how often a boxer gets his brain stem rattled... well they all should be watched for depression and dementia.  The reality TV show I'm sure didn't bring it up to decrease their potential legal liability.

    Anyway, read this article, and if you want to know more, talk to your doctor.

    • Patients treated for sequelae of head injury should be screened for the development or recurrence of any major psychiatric syndrome, with specific screening for the following:
      • Depression
      • Anxiety
      • Mania
      • Psychosis
      • Obsessive-compulsive symptoms
      • Impulsivity
      • Suicide risk

    And just to be clear, I'm not a doctor, but I've seen one on TV.  <Grin>

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    The first thing you need to do is get rid of the self pitty. It doesn't help a bit, open your mind and listen to what your friends from C9 are willing to do to help. But you have to make a commitment and stop blaming your self for all the (i gotta watch my language) that you are going through right now. What you can do while applying for a job is sell some of your items. Big bucks for that, or, you can do that ad thing that you write on your forehead. Or, better yet [i guess], donate sperm, 10,000 buckaroonies. Anything to get by. Get a girl friend [or a girl in general] to talk to. Clearly they are better at this than us.Tongue Out

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