Bas said:
jonathansampson said:

And it's such succesful trolling too. Just look at the response.

I think neither candidate made any headway last night. Same old arguments. It really comes down to a few things:

-Do you make more than 250k a year? Yes = McCain No=Obama
-Do you fall in line with the Christian right on Gay Civil Liberties? Yes = McCain No=Obama
-Do you believe Iraq is a waste of money even with the surge? Yes = Obama No = McCain
-Do you believe business taxes should be cut? Yes = McCain No = Obama
-Do you believe Corporations need more money by better tax cuts? Yes = McCain No = Obama
-Do you believe Palin is the next President? (Do you believe McCain should be in retirement:) Yes = Obama No = McCain

Everything else they pretty much agree or are not real issues. Really I think we should punish the republicans for the last 8 years of Bush.

You really believe the young wippersnapper attack McCain used last night? He came off to me a crotchety out of touch conservative who only cares about his lobbyest.

I am a maverick isn't really a good defense or attack. When was the last time a western was put out? Smiley