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View Thread: Obama gets gutted, McCain closer to white house
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    jonathansampson said:
    DCMonkey said:
    HOW is it racist? I know that it's stereotyping, and it's disrespectful in this case, but it's not "racist", since it doesn't demonstrate an inferiority of a race, or the superiority of one over the other. Don't mix things up, I'm not defending the watermelon flag, I'm only saying that you've got your objections confused.
    just courious <insert appropriate title>  jonathansampson if you still think there is nothing wrong with having watermelon on a flag after reading ScanIAm post andseeing  DCMonkey pictures on page six? ... what do you think about what they said? did you know about the history of the fruit and slavery? ..i didnt..

    i doubt anybody changed anybody's mind with the whole evolution thing sounded to me like a bunch of teenage girls arguing over what color is better btw blue and green .. the best people can do here with this topic is to have a good time and increase their post counts if this forum keeps track of that, expecting to convince anybody to change their mind to whatever anybody's currently views is a waste of time and expecting to convince anybody of anything that is related to a belief system in a forum(like this) will only lead to threads that run 8+ pages with no end in sight and no meaningful conclusions at the end ... its been fun reading though