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View Thread: Obama gets gutted, McCain closer to white house
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    foreachdev said:
    Bas said:
    I think neither candidate made any headway last night. Same old arguments. It really comes down to a few things:

    -Do you make more than 250k a year? Yes = McCain No=Obama
    -Do you fall in line with the Christian right on Gay Civil Liberties? Yes = McCain No=Obama
    -Do you believe Iraq is a waste of money even with the surge? Yes = Obama No = McCain
    -Do you believe business taxes should be cut? Yes = McCain No = Obama
    -Do you believe Corporations need more money by better tax cuts? Yes = McCain No = Obama
    -Do you believe Palin is the next President? (Do you believe McCain should be in retirement:) Yes = Obama No = McCain

    Everything else they pretty much agree or are not real issues. Really I think we should punish the republicans for the last 8 years of Bush.

    You really believe the young wippersnapper attack McCain used last night? He came off to me a crotchety out of touch conservative who only cares about his lobbyest.

    I am a maverick isn't really a good defense or attack. When was the last time a western was put out? Smiley
    Yeah, so redistribution of wealth is what this country is all about.

    Oh, that guy makes 250k, take his hard earned money and give it to me.

    What a bunch of lazy, pansy socialists.