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    jonathansampson said:
    mtz said:
    I don't think there is anything inherently wrong with watermelon on a flag.
    I do think it's wrong to put watermelon on a flag in an attempt to ridicule a person.
    I don't think watermelons are racist.
    I do think that watermelons can be used to inappropriately stereotype a person/group.

    That should sum it up Smiley

    In order to change somebody's mind on the Evolution thing, the person must be willing to admit when they are wrong. I am, as I've changed many of my personal views over the years. Today, I unashamedly admit that Evolution is a grand idea, and beautiful. I still reject it because it's not objective in nature, and requires too much presumptuous dedication for its evidence to make any type of sense.

    Post counts aren't an issue (with me anyway) as they're not displayed anywhere. As a matter of fact, the Channel9 team deliberately kept those numbers off of pages to keep anybody from getting post-happy.

    With regard to Belief Systems, it is my conviction that both are partially belief systems. Practically every objection Evolutionists have against Creationists, are applicable to most Evolutionists themselves. Both sides are unwilling to remove their basic idea, "Genesis is correct," and "Naturalism is correct." Both are looking for mechanism that work within their frameworks. Creationists don't start with all of the answers, and neither do Evolutionists. Creationists have vicious scientific debates over timing, mechanisms, etc, within their circles, as do Evolutionists.

    I sincerely think that meaningful conclusions could come from these discussions if people would only discuss matters they understand, adhere to rational discourse, and remove all arrogance and pride from their dialogue. Unfortunately, that's easier said than done. When you have people making claims about evolutionary mechanisms that they clearly don't understand, it tends to take the discussion nowhere - fast.

    9 out of 10 Evolutionists online have no clue what they're talking about. And the same is said for 9 out of 10 Creationists. Unfortunately, for guys like me who really sincerely love Science, I have a 90% chance that I'm wasting my time, and 90% chance I'm going to have to answer several misconceptions about this debate before I can even address core issues.

    Honesty, above all. And all else will work out fine.

    what r your views about intelligent design? there are three sides to the debate, i have yet to hear anybody who advocate intelligent design as a way "accomodate" both sides ..

    personally, i dont think religion and science mix ..i think most of this debate comes from people trying to use science to challenge religion and religious people(christians) who feel threatened by scientific explanation of our existance and they use the bible to challenge science.

    most of this discussion occurs in the west and to the most part, its a debate btw christianity explanation of the world and scientific  one..i wonder how hinduism thinks about evolution, or any other "major" religions that may not be in wide use today ..

    i mean before you have this discussion, an assumption must be made  that christianity explanation is the true explanation and all other religious explanations are wrong do you know this? .. ..christianity explanation is jewish explanation ..all major cultures have some sort of a story that tries to explain their existance and the world around them ..i dont know know how well mel gibson's movie apocalypto reflected azteck culture and belief system but there is a part in the movie that tried to explain how they came into existance and why human have intelligence over all other animals around them do japanese explain the world and their existance?

    i dont think you can have GOD in science, it just wont make sense .. if you decide to do that, then the question that should follow is who's GOD are you talking about ...does anybody know the discussion btw christianity, hinduism and arztech and the beginning of the world? he he he ..

    what makes this discussion so special other than the fact that its happening in west where majority of people happen to be christians and evolution seems to directly challenge what the bible says?