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View Thread: 7:45 A.M. Italy (Naples) Sonic Boom!
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    Dovella said:
    ScanIAm said:
    Naples is a Mix of  Beverly Hills, Bronx  an Tokyo
    my examples are not random.

    We have town like  Sorrento, Positano , Amalfi , Capri, Nerano, Conca dei Marini , etc etc..
    where you can leave your Ferrari alone with the keys on the dashboard , no thief will take you off the car.
    VIP every year from all over the world spend their holidays here  (Bill Gates went to Nerano with  Octupus).
    More remote areas are invaded by criminals, like Scampia , Forcella , Quartieri Spagnoli etc.

    In all this good living in Naples depends only on the area you live in, probably this can be true for every city in the world.

    I thought we bought Naples from you. Big Smile
    (U.S.M.C. / U.S. Navy)