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    jamie said:
    PaoloM said:
    guess the zune naming team came up with that one

    edit - meant root

    *i guess WindowSphere was taken?  or The Big Enchillada? ...

    maybe.. msphere.. like   or...  StraDOS   ... or ..  OrBits   ... or ...   

    edit: for those keeping score: thats XBox, XPhone and XSpace  (so far)

    *above are things i would buy - except the game device

    humor me for a moment - pretend you arnt geeks and love the word strata (minus the cool part) = SPHERE

    so lets say its Strata - as it looks to be.  WHERE IS THE CONSISTANCY?

    thats all i want to know..

    imac, iphone, ipod   vs  xbox  xphone xspace

    whats not to like?  at least mine looks like more than one "team" individually - set the strategy

    im rambling again... but isnt it true?  strata... fine.. so that ties in to WHAT...  HOW... WHERE?

    edit: also:  imac, iphone, ipod   vs  xbox  xphone xspace

    where is the zune?  it is xphone   there are no more mp3 players. 
    where is the PC?  it is Xbox - made by MS - and licenced to OEMS as phone hdware/pc hdware/ tv hdware specs
    what is Xspace - It is EVERYONES cloud - brought to them by many companies

    ...and where is Windows?  -  it is everywhere - on everything - and run thorough "the website that put google out of business"

    im an idiot - but so is ballmer