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View Thread: What would you say is Microsoft's coolest product?
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    Sven Groot said:
    vesuvius said:

    Maybe he was trying to prevent creating a temporary copy of Writer? Tongue Out

    And you're all wrong. The coolest product MS has made is in fact Flight Simulator X, especially when combined with the right add-ons.

    I was going to say .NET but then you mentioned FS.  You are right, FS is definitely the coolest MS product in my opinion!  For me at least that is the program that got me into programming in the first place.  I have played it since the DOS days and it was my first computer game (ok so its more of a simulator than a game) Smiley  Ever since then I fell in love with aviation.  In fact, it drove me to solo an airplane on my 16th birthday and get a pilots license.

    Its amazing one program had such a large effect on my life.