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.NET Messenger Service

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    MSN wrote:
    Sign In
    The .NET Messenger Service is temporarily experiencing difficulty. You may be unable to sign in. Please try again later.
    Last Update: 28/02/2005 01:56:00 Pacific Time (GMT -8:00)

    OK - who broke messenger?

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    Tried logging in via the webmessenger?

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    Tensor wrote:
    OK - who broke messenger?

    Do I get to wear a t-shirt saying "I broke Messenger"?

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    Talking about NET Messenger Service;  I wonder how the infastructure is set up (servers/services etc) because it needs to handle alot of connections and the huge amount of messages being sent every second. And since it says .NET service I presume it runs on .net Tongue Out.

    Is this correct, is everything writing using .net or perhaps unmanaged code? (And how do you set something that big up)

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    MSNM has got some SERIOUS problems lately. Please, people around here have all sorts of ideas on how to do this better. Please take them up.

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    Yeah, Messenger wasn't working for a while. It kept giving .NET passport server is to busy please try later. Click help to see server status. Upon clicking help it opened IE and took me to the server status page, which said that the server was fine.

    Worst service ever,

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