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    - Release the XP - Explorer.exe (aka default shell) Source Code for free and for private use to all XP owners.

    - Reduce Windows (Home/Office/Server) by 10% (To combat Linux)

    - Reduce Office (Home/Office) by 10% (To combat OO)

    - Start CPO (See footnote)

    - Hire a full time web-developer to the C9 team

    - Fund an internal C9 advertisement campaign

    - Hire a team of fresh MIT students to work on a better spellchecker

    - Release Office spellchecker updates 'free'

    - Start a migration program away from antiquated newsgroups for feedback and towards forums (Which more people have access to)

    - Fund a half-decent US president


    CPO: Cooperative Patent Organisation - Companies of any size can join the CPO on the condition that they share all their patents with all other members of the CPO and in return can use other member's patents for free (Solves the 'Patent cold war' problem).