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    Rossj wrote:
    If I had Bill's job the first three things I would do are ... any ideas?

    Build a 100 foot solid gold robot with diamonds for eyes and giant lasers for ear with which I shall CRUSH MY ENEMIES!!!!!

    Erm, seriously...

    I would, firstly, reorganise the development teams so they are more customer-facing during earlier stages of development.  A great deal of problems within Microsoft technologies is down to people in a development team making stupid design decisions for which other teams have to then take up the slack and make poorer workaround solutions.  A part of that would be to make it so developers talked as much about "deployment stories" as "development stories".  Make developers themselves visit client companies.

    Once Longhorn is complete, set a new goal.  From that moment on, every part of the OS is modularised.  By Longhorn R2 (2008), the kernel is modularised, allowing people to build Windows in as slim or as fat mode as they want.  By Blackcomb (2010), everything is modularised.

    Based on that previous point, set a goal that by 2010, the desktop computer will be for the majority of people no longer the main interface to their computer.  Personal devices will be the computer of the future.  Throw gigantic amounts of money into the research to make the cost of devices pennies.  Rework licensing so that isn't a factor in the take up of devices.

    Oh, and the gigantic gold robot.