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PDC Predictions

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    Let's collect our best guesses and wishes for PDC announcements.   I'll start with a few of mine:

    1) We'll get a proper version of BigInteger in the core .NET framework.

    2) Windows 7 will boot in less than 10 seconds out of BIOS.

    3) Some sort of magic whereby traditional WinForms/WPF can be deployed and consumed in a sort of hybrid Silverlight / Virtual Machine setup so that the exact state of your app is shared among devices.  Something beyond the typical Terminal Services approach.

    4) Yet another programming language... functional, verbose... like F# for VB programmers.

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    1) My definition of cloud computing is here, we'll have 1 Gbit/s symmetric Internet connections at home running Singularity based reliable and secure personal service servers. I wouldn't install WHS even if MS paid to do so because I could install that Singularity instead and do some "research" and it'd be much safer for serving services.

    1b) Ok turns out 1 Gbit ain't here yet. Atleast I can get 100 Mbit Internet at home now except that it's only downstream and I told my ISP that I'm not paying any longer until they come up with atleast 100 Mbit upstream for same price as downstream. Too bad others haven't realized they are getting ripped off with these asymmetric connections so there's no demand for faster upstream because everyone is still subscribing their 1 mbit upstream connections thus no incentive to upgrade. In Japan where cellphones are the "Internet"-device they get 1 Gbit to home for almost free because who'd want some slow wired connection when the cellphone connection is as fast as the common western DSL. If the corps aren't interested in replacing all their existing copper with fiber then it should be done with tax money and govt handles the infrastructure maintenance and allocation of bandwidth/wavelengths/fibers etc to Internet service providers (not infrastructure monopoly owners like ISP/telecom co's today are).

    1c) Singularity/Cloud backed (cloud= PCs at home running Singularity based OS under VM or hypervisor), anonymous, onion routed wiki with uneraseable, unhideable version history running with Silverlight frontend that takes best of the wiki and the forum format for the purpose of code/idea sharing. The real agenda of this is to enable devs in various corps share their IP anonymously regardless of what the boss/lawyers think and thus accelerate technology development and make granting software patents harder due to the ideas/algorithms already being in public knowledge.

    2) Windows 7 finally dumps legacy-explorer in favor of one that supports making extensions as simple in C# as making say Firefox extensions is. And thus also fixes all the random behaviour bugs caused by bad languages and worse APIs that made the design assumption that all developers are those human-like machines from Star Trek.

    3) Some sort of magic whereby .NET/Silverlight actually get proper media support. For the full .NET there sort-of is such by using 3rd party libs but I'd like to be able to do an high perf audio visual game in browser without any elevation prompts or installs. XNA doesn't quite cut it because it doesn't, to my knowledge, offer low latency audio hw access. I suppose if Silverlight allowed rendering with WASAPI directly this would do.

    4) C## this language combines all the cool stuff from Research and Singulary allowing to once and for all dump C/C++ in systems development and high performance/almost realtime apps.

    5) New Xbox running the Cloud OS with C## as the systems and game dev language.

    Just kidding, regular Joe doesn't care about such technical obscurities (until packaged and marketed by the Other Steve) and really the ROI for such things is questionable. And overall for MS there's bigger fish to catch, like cure for AIDS in a time where overpopulation may be of concern (my solution, don't have random sex with strangers, reduces/solves both problems), atleast until competitors push some buttons.

    Realistic predictions based on existing hype: There'll be some "cloud OS in the MS datacenter for $99 a month" announcement and a whole lot of fuzz about developing touch ready apps with some new extension to WPF or something.

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