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    Duncanma said:
    jjesse said:
    I would love to add Open ID support to Channel 9 ... much more so than I'd like to support Info Cards, but I've already walked through my feelings about that with Blowdart before... last time I asked the official folks around here I was told "sure, go for it... Open ID 2.0 only though" and then I went away and, at the time, found out that Open ID 2.0 was only a gleam in someone's eye... that kind of killed my plans for the time. Now, if I could come up with a non-ugly way to give users a choice between Live ID, Open ID, Info Card and 'old school' userid/password ... and figure out how to still do automatic silent auth to the right provider when you hit us with a valid but expired ticket (you might have noticed that happens with Live ID ... sometimes you hit C9, get redirected to Live and then back to C9 without ever seeing any Live ID UI, it is just refreshing your authentication ticket...

    My initial thought? Have the sign in link on the upper left go to an intermediate page like this:

    at least the first time, and then hopefully we could use a good old fashioned cookie to remember that (at least on this machine) you use Live ID or Open ID or whatever and then send you to the right place directly when you click on the Sign-in link (maybe we could add a 'remember my choice' checkbox to that intermediate auth page)

    Anyone have a good multiple authentication method UI to show me?

    What I'd really love is if some of the Info Card pushing folks in my office would just open up VS and add that feature to our site, instead of sending me links to MSDN when I ask questions about how to implement it Smiley

    As far as I know, and I'm not a developer at all, the sites I've mentioned set a cookie for you so all you do is use your Open ID once and then don't worry about it.
    One problem is that on some sites when viewed through a mobile device don't work very well with the open id account