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View Thread: The Live Photo Gallery team oughta talk to the Image Composite Editor team
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    PeterF said:
    Bas said:
    How did you move the camera, in the same plane or did you rotate it?
    The photos were taken from Alcatraz and I rotated, you can see that from the perspective of the parallel roads of the downtown area. They are 17 pictures.

    I've made another panorama where I zoomed more on the skyline, consisting of 41 pictures. However because they were also all shot by hand, I had to do some filling in/editing of sky and water to get a decent crop. It is 54937 x 2823  Pixels (155.09 MPixels) and had it hanging in an entire corridor at work to show off a wide format printer's color capabilities we are developing. You notice it's not as wide angle as the other one, but it has more detail on the buildings.

    C'mon guys! These panoramas are crying out for the DeepZoom experience!