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View Thread: The Live Photo Gallery team oughta talk to the Image Composite Editor team
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    Bas said:
    PeterF said:

    I know that, I often target it at a mountain with the half-press to get it properly lit, and then take a shot of the sky (otherwise I'd get a way too bright picture), but as I said, I often just forget about that on account of being too impatient.

    That stitch you did was pretty amazing. How did you move the camera, in the same plane or did you rotate it? The middle of my pictures was taken on a mountain overlook, but as you can see, it looks really curved. Incidentally, that makes it look even better in HD View (when you get to 'look around' in it), but it looks kinda weird as a 2D image. I notice your image is nice and straight.

    Haven't tried ICE on pictures where people are walking around, but I did give that a shot with WLPG, and that came out fine:

    This was composited from roughly nine shots, with people walking around and everything. The steam kept moving around, too. Tongue Out I'll give this a shot in ICE to see what it does.

    But yeah, it's not so much the stitching that impresses me in ICE, but the way it manages to get the lighting uniform across all pictures it  stitches.

    You went to Yellowstone National Park?