PeterF said:
mattuyttendaele said:
Hi Matt

I did notice that it happens primarily in cases where you didn't rotate around the camera axis, so hand shot instead of on a tripod.
I've done some exports to HD View.
You can see them on

Can't wait to ssee the many improvements Research is still working on.

Too bad ICE doesn't allow you to create a panorama with zoomed in pictures, so with a tool like HD View you could zoom in to some portions of the picture and have them with better detail , like with Photosynth. Also one day I hope to see an easy application where you can truefully walk through a recreated 3d environment based on your pictures, so like Photosynth but with all pictures visible.
Hi Peter,

Thanks for the link.  There are some great pictures in there!

I'm not sure when we'll be able to create a full 3d environment from your pictures.  But, I do hope to see Photosynth and ICE/HDView come together.  That will allow you to combine panos with zoomed in pictures.  The people working on both projects want to see this happen, but we can't say yet when this will happen.   Stay tuned - hopefully it won't be to far off.