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VoIP - Is it worth it?

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    Tyler Brown

    My girlfriend and I are looking for an appartment to move into for September (ah, yet another year of school) and we have been discussing all the different things we are going to have to take into consideration such as telephone, internet, cable television and the like.

    I've been thinking about trying out Vonage for VoIP instead of getting the traditional Bell telephone line. Vonage is about $15.00 more per month compared to a Bell line without a long distance plan, and all the features are really interesting, so we're leaning towards Vonage. Just wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with Vonage, good or bad, before I go out and get it (thinking of trying it this summer).

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    If you can try it out, then by all means do so. Check they don't have a 12-month contract or anything.

    Most internet-savvy people don't tend to use the phone much anyway... perhaps it would be cheaper to go with the company that has the least monthly bill, as you'd only really be receiving phone calls.

    If any phone companies include a mobile-phone plan, look into that too, especilly useful if you're a student or anything.


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    Tyler Brown wrote:
    Vonage is about $15.00 more per month compared to a Bell line without a long distance plan

    Are you sure about that? My Bellsouth local-only phone bill is about double the advertised charge due to loads of miscellaneous recovery fees, taxes, charges, etc., etc. They don't include all those fees in their advertised "monthly rate".

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    Tyler Brown

    Well... my phone bill from Bell (In Ottawa this is) is roughly $25.00 CDN after taxes and everything else. The Vonage plan that I am looking for (Once again in Canada) is $34.99 CDN, so after taxes that works out to be about $15.00 CDN.

    How much is your conventional phone bill after all that garbage they're charging you is factored in?

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    Michael Griffiths

    As I understand it, VOIP if far more economical for businesses with multiple phone lines that the individual - at least at the moment.

    I know that, for me, VOIP would cost considerable more than a normal phone line - and a normal phone line has some serious advantages; i.e. always, exceedingly reliable, enough voltage pushed through to power a phone. Very useful during a power-outage.

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    I've got an external Packet 8 line here. Poor quality, for use mostly just for calling other countries.

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    I've got a Packet8 line in my house instead of a regular phone line.  I think the quality is very good.  The sound is as good as a regular phone line with only an infrequent blip.  At $20 (USD) a month for unlimited local and long distance to anywhere in the US or Canada it beats a regular phone line by a long shot.  A phone bill for a regular phone in my area would be around $45 with all the miscellaneous stuff, NOT including long distance.  Initial equipment was $40 for Packet 8 and it was really easy to set up.  From my experience, I'd say VOIP is ready for use by the average consumer.

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    It all comes down to how many of your calls are local vs. long distance, and how many calls you make.  If you make a lot of long distance calls, VOIP is worth it.

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    I'm already paying for cable modem, so the incremental cost of Vonage wasn't much for me; certainly much cheaper than a regular land line with long-distance costs.  I have nothing but good things to say about it - it was easy to hook up, I've had no problems with performance and availability, and I really like their on-line options.  (For example, I get a copy of my voice-mails in my hotmail inbox.)

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