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    jamie either in trouble or i dunno.. 

    - opens at coffeehouse
    - has NO ads or anything ( of course )
    - Has a start bar with some MS links (still fixing)

    Known Bugs


    - sp2 fullscreen stuff (top right)  (see? Wink

    - any site you browse to using top url bar that uses _top wipes it out

    - i dont no how to make the "startbar" go away when you click a link - need to click close

    Anyway - if you ignore the top bar it works - straight to coffeehouse

    anyone want to help come up with cool MS blog links or whatever - i could make a zip avail

    this is for everyone..

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    Interesting Concept, I'll give you that.

    Regarding Firefox... it mainly works fine (in terms of design), you just need to correct your use of the W3C DOM, then it should work fine

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    Frames, huh?

    You've taken your first step into a larger world... Smiley

    I'm amused at your IE comment.  I look forward to watching you writhe in agony when IE 7 comes out and all your IE 6-isms don't work in IE 7... and yet IE 6 has too much market share to rewrite them all as IE 7-isms...

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    SP2 broke most of my stuff..
    so im use to it Smiley

    re:  "W3C DOM, then it should work fine"

    err..ya ok... ill get right on that  (hwah? Wink

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    ps - the bar would match C9 etc.. not xp

    thats just for now..

    also - is channel9. (your country) available?

    get it Smiley   make it go to coffeehouse!

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    That gives me an idea... how about little "Add to My MSN" buttons next to all the orange XML buttons?

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    oops- forgot to upload the links list.js


    scoble, don box, longhorn blogs, bink etc are in there

    thats what i was refering too about more cool blog links  doh!

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    Jamie - You are not in trouble.  I am flattered that you spent this much time on this and are spreading the Channel 9 word around the world. 

    That said ...

    Just trying to figure out what you are hoping to accomplish?  Appears there were features that you were hoping for?  What's the plan man?

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    ..if your asking for the top top top idea..
    its that msn spaces isnt very customizable - and the devs here at c9 would no how to make their own templates better on their own

    so i provided a free set - to use or not use -

    the sort by author is much more than a sorting feature to me..its a destination

    so back to mr scoble again..  get an assistant to run around doing videos (as he is not in them anyway) and post more on his own customized c9 - not radio weblogs)

    im rambling.. sorry

    possibilities are infinate

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    ps - the form boxes "new post" on c9 go over the startbar.. but other sites forms dont.. 

    * days like these i wish i was a real programmer

    in conclusion... i guess i should write up a global distributed blog template straegy haha
    but id rather just throw out the idea with some samples and let it become what it becomes..

    * all c9 members im assuming are acustomed to the many forums that have international versions..
    this would be good for c9..  sort of like you are doing with India - but its obvious why that is

    wheres  or denmark or italy etc

    zzztt  plug pulled ;0

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    zzztt broadcasting...... its not for ms to do... its for the community to do.....zztt

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    zzttt reviewing?....zzztt

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    crap - just tried posting within template and there is a target=_top on submit on c9..


    oh well

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    well the - is just so i can go to c9 - and not deal with passive content (video)

    i think c9  IS coffeehouse

    so i grabbed the canda domain and linked it up
    * i did add a bar with MS links so i can stay on one site all day! Wink

    i think you are refering to the other post -

    thats for you guys if you want it - but i was hoping for sort by author - but like... REALLY advanced sorting

    so it would almost need its own section

    i am going to do some screenshot (fake) ideas to show soon

    glad to hear its OK!

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    Cool, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    You have always been a great supporter of C9 and I appreciate it very much.

    C9 is different things to different people, the majority of our users are passive, but the guys like you who come every day and participate make the place what it is.

    I am totally supportive of community driven projects and have always wanted to see the C9 community pull together to do something.

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    wow...  thats... great  ...speechless

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    Interesting concept. Perhaps C9 could be the first to publish an API, like RSS, but more. We could retrieve content, post, etc... Write our own forum client. Perhaps Charles could whip something up over the weekend.

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    I have always wanted to some how turn C9 inside out.  We started this site to share more about who we are and what we do at Microsoft cause most people never meet anyone from the company let alone get to come to Redmond.

    What I am interested in is seeing something where you can teach us more about you.  What you do, how you work, what your technology life is like, what works, what doesn't.  How we make your life better and how we make it worse. 

    I think each product team could always stand to know more about their customers and how they use their products.  Kind of a dream of mine to see this come about too.

    Alas ... it is just Scobs, Charles, and I and we are all stretched a little thin these days so we never get time to build it ourselves. 

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