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    Shining Arcanine

    twoelfer wrote:
    well, one more... Smiley

    so just imagine.... you're in a strange foreign country like that one. folks have a strange language, umlauts and stuff... so - you're working with vs running ontop of a german language xp, debugging a .net app running ontop of a localized version of net framework.

    somethings just plain wrong with that app, cause from time to time you end up in the debugger with an exception that was thrown somewhere deep inside windows forms, possible because of some strange interop behaviour... and guess what: the exception-message has be localized to german.

    and whats more: there isn't any way to find out what the original message (the english one, that is) ever was. however, the only way to find out what that exception is all about is to go ask google - but this is kind of hard if all you'Ve got is a damned translated message that (almost allways) return zero search results.

    this has to stop. the original exception text (or id, whatever) absolutely needs to be available for debugging purposes, no matter what locale you're in. if its not, you're making it really hard for developers outside the us to track down problems.

    thomas woelfer   

    If I recall an article at correctly, in Windows Longhorn, Microsoft is modularizing windows to the point where you can swap out the English language module for any other language module. This hopefully will carry over to Microsoft's other applications.