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Robots to watch children showcased

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    "The teddy bear sitting in the corner of the child's room might look normal, until his head starts following the kid around using a face recognition program, perhaps also allowing a parent talk to the child through a special phone, or monitor the child via a camera and wireless Internet connection.

    The plush prototype, on display at Microsoft Corp.'s annual gadget showcase Wednesday, is one of several ideas researchers have for robots. The idea is to create a virtual being that can visit the neighboring cubicle for a live telephone chat even as its owner is traveling thousands of miles away, or let the plumber into the house while its owner enjoys a pleasant afternoon in the sun."

    This sounds like something straight out of the movie "A.I.".

    Hope the bear will have a mighty good firewall in case somebody figures out a way to use it for adware.

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    This sounds like something straight out of the movie "A.I.".

    the most under rated..misunderstood movie ever
    kubrik genius + speilberg emotion   no box office - no award

    (ittwaescat soon)

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    Worst. Film. Ever. </comicbookguy>

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    Am I the only one who got a very different image in their head when they read the headline?

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    Have to say I expected laser eyes and chainsaw hands.
    Re AI.. Hmm I thought the first (filmlength - 20 minutes) was great. They could have just stopped it when he found blue fairy, and I would have been happy. The bit at the end is awful sentimental twaddle. I advised people who saw it after me to get up and leave at that point. The robot bear was cool though - so world weary... so wanted one Smiley

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    Teddy Ruxpin could take this bear down in 2 seconds.

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    "Microsoft Bear" + robotic Linux penguin "Tux" = cage match on cable pay-per-view  Wink

    Edit: <sarcasm>C9 Video idea</sarcasm>

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    Unfortunately, the article got the project's emphasis a little wrong.

    The teddy bear is a toy. The research project is really about using vision, audio processing and robotics to take interactivity to the next level -- as you move around, the bear's gaze can follow you. As different people talk, it looks at the speaker. If someone it doesn't recognize gets too close, it mimics getting "bashful."

    It's really not meant for monitoring/watching over your kid -- it's just a toy. It's not spooky, it's just kida cute.

    The people who created it have also created a mobile robot that uses much of the same technology. That, they imagine, might roam around your house (or your office) while you're away and be a form of telepresence -- smart enough to look in the right place to interact with people it might run into, so if you're remote you only have to do a minimum amount of "control" of the device itself and can focus on interacting with people through it.

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