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    stun said:
    phreaks said:
    There are families who are on the 4th generation of welfare, no one in their families has ever worked, that's the reality your mentality spurns.
    Yes I know your frustration on this, and I couldn't agree more on this.
    There will ***always*** be people who abuse the system.

    These kind of people usually blame their failure and laziness on others by the following line
    "Man....eff that I ain't workin' my * off to get a better life...
    They are just "taking advantage" of us.
    I do NOT want to give my money to those kinds of people.
    I **even support** finding ways to penalize and discourage those lazy tards and reduce on their welfare and force them work and be "productive" members of the society.

    Don't lecture us on your 'feelings' about the quality of life.
    Taking money out of one pocket to give to another accomplishes what?
    It may be a *very thin line* between caring for others and Socialism.
    But, this is where and how I draw the line.

    Yes I do have feelings which make me care about the people and families who are really in need of help.

    Phreaks, I am not attacking you on your beliefs.
    I am just trying to politely state my viewpoint.
    Maybe you think I am a Socialist.

    But I beg to differ. I want people to live a more fulfilling life with LESS worries.
    If you feel people need help, go help them.  Don't pat yourself on the back for voting for government to do it for you--if for no other reason than that government is typically 50% less efficient in accomplishing anything.