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    This poll is old ..and a tad nutty:
    "Channel 9 – What do you think?"

    * i cant replicate the error - but I have seen this more than a few
    times now. When i refresh it goes away

    How about: What browser do you use?
    be interesting to see on this site..

    * i realise there is a topic about this - still would be interested in seeing a poll..


    (or post server stats)

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    i replicated the "Channel 9 – What do you think?" error..

    refresh or go to anypage on = fine

    go to another site. (empty cache even) - click the channel 9 link ( i have it in my IE links bar)
    What should be: " - "  comes in as " †"

    refresh ... goes back to " - "

    (i know its a small error - but Im curious..)  ?

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    I've seen these characters when trying to parse RSS feeds. IIRC, the first equated to a non-breaking space, and the second an em-dash.

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    I think this has to do something with the encoding of the page you can change the encoding when you right click (in IE) and then hover over encoding another menu should come up and it gives you choices of "encodings" like Western European (Windows) and Unicode (UTF-8) I saw those wierd characters one time on C9 and changeing the code made them go away.

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