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What laptop on market today will work with Windows 7 Multi-Touch?

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    I know the DELL Latitude XT supports multi-touch, but it currently uses DELL's own proprietary software to do so. It looks like it'll support Windows 7 Multi-Touch, but I haven't seen it really confirmed anywhere.

    Do anyone know of any laptops, currently on the market, that support the Multi-Touch capabilities in Windows 7? well, at least the pre-beta of Windows 7 that was released at PDC?

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    Oh oh I know! Windows 7 on an iPhone!

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    Bass said:
    Oh oh I know! Windows 7 on an iPhone!
    I'm hoping my Toshiba m700 will support it, since it uses capacative touch, which is supposed to be good with multi-touch.  I also notice that if I put multiple fingers on the screen the mouse moves the the average of all of the points of contact. *fingers crossed*

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    AFAIK the dell is the only laptop at the moment that supports multitouch. The HP Touchsmart also does (I have it running with Win 7 and new driver on mine). I seem to remember that HP announced that they will be introducing multitouch laptops in the future and I'd trust them to do so - they seem to be willing to take risks like this. But at the moment, I think they only shipping laptop is the Dell.

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    What do you mean Dell Propreitory software? Going by what Julie L Green said during the D5 conference, it was a bios update. I am sure they will ship it at Win7 RTM timeframe.

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