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FrontPage thread..

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    I'm not sure about Frontpage, but in Word if you press Shift+Enter you get a line break instead of a paragraph break. Does this work in Frontpage as well?
    i.e. add horizontal rule, then press Shift+Enter and then type your word.

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    One of the best things Frontpage does is allow you to view includes easily / graphically and right click to edit.

    This is my favourite feature of FP - but one that many times I am not allowed ( by clients ) to use.

    I request that instead of the include tag:

    <!--webbot bot="Include" U-Include="header.htm" TAG="BODY" -->

    is there a way you could use a NON proprietary way of doing this - so my clients can edit with anything - but me using FP - get the added ease of the way you currently display the bots.

    I dont have the code handy - but perhaps allowing FP to read javascript clientside includes - the same way it views the webbot tag..

    so you'd have something like:

    <script language javascript src: "header.htm></script>
    (* above is wrong - but you know the call i mean)

    This way it's compatible with everything - just make FP display it graphically ( not a little J icon)

    thanks in advance

    ** ASP includes are not a workaround for me  - still need clientside - not server side for includes

    ** oh yeah - please do the same thing for ASP as well .. - so if ive got <%include header%> - it will display like a webbot ( with right click edit in new window)

    that would make building component based sites real easy to edit

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    i am unable to duplicate the error i describe - it does indeed look like 2003 has fixed this.

    it's just i remember running into it recently - but now i cant find the item it ignored so - disregard that request for now

    ( the search and replace is almost worth the upgrade price alone)

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    it still adds the spaces though..
    plus stuff like: <p class="MsoNormal">

    Also - re; above - yes i wish <p> didnt even exist. Everything should be default one space- br.  you need a <p> hit enter twice.



    ps - i spend alday reconfiguring and removing horrendously HUGE spaces brought about by Autocomplete / Windows Clipboard and the default doublespace settings in all Office apps - especially FP

    * even if you dont agree on this point - you must agree that in a scenario where youve already "repaired" the spaces so they are how you like - and you copy a paragraph with a HR - it will put the spaces BACK - and you have to remove them EVERYtime

    ** and re; use CSS to insert HR - well i guess i could.. i guess i could also use notepad to design the whole site..  but i use frontpage cause its FAST to do stuff - css is NOT fast as FP only pays lip service to it ( ie; display) not CSS view - first request in this thread.

    So when i click - Insert / Horizontal line - FP should put:

    hr {font-size: 1px; height: 1px color: #FF0000; margin: 0; padding: 0;}

    as cheryl describes above - NOT make me TYPE it Wink

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    Richard Acton

    I've used Frontpage since beta testing it as Blackbird and i've got to say, only FP2003 has been a benefit to me, but what a benefit it is. The w3C standards tool is one of the best features of any HTML editor around. I'd like to see better CSS support and further improvement of the w3C standard checker please! Smiley

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    If you see "<p class="MsoNormal">" then something was copied from Word or perhaps another Office App. FrontPage does not generate that sort of garbage code.

    RE the what FrontPage should insert with an hr we'll have to agree to disagree because I would not use any product that inserted that sort of stuff on a simple hr.

    If you have configured it to not reformat your HTML it should not be changing code you have "fixed". Check the settings you have under the Tools, Page Options, General tab for Code view options and on the Code Formatting tab.

    I suspect your extra spaces are coming in from whatever your are pasting from. Try running it through Notepad first or using the little smart tag pop-up to tell it to "keep text only" or "match destination style". Hopefully that will eliminate your pasting problems.

    Remember that the web is not the printed page and HTML editors are not word processors or desktop publishing tools. Different media require different approaches.

    BTW, regarding your comment earlier about no easy way in FrontPage to edit CSS. I agree and recommend downloading TopStyle Lite from and set it as your default editor for CSS in FrontPage (instructions at

    The good thing about setting default style in CSS is that once you set it up and link it to your pages you never have to type the style information again. If you use a custom class it becomes available from the dropdown box on the far left of your format toolbar (underneath all the default styles for h1, etc.)

    The extra time spent setting up a stylesheet for the entire site means less time on individual pages and makes site wide style changes a breeze. Add that to a DWT and future maintenance is much easier.


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    CDW wrote:
    If you see "<p class="MsoNormal">" then something was copied from Word or perhaps another Office App. FrontPage does not generate that sort of garbage code.

    yes but i chose "keep text only" and still had that stuff come into the page

    RE the what FrontPage should insert with an hr we'll have to agree to disagree because I would not use any product that inserted that sort of stuff on a simple hr.

    you are the one adding to HR ( <p> ) not me Wink. I'm saying don't add anything to it - and do away with trying to explain -shift/enter- to users so they stop making Godzilla size spaces on all the documents they make.

    ill check out topstyle lite - but still wish CSS was integrated into FP as a 5th view tab: 

    Design - Split - Code - CSS Mode - Preview 

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    Small request

    Can we get this on the toolbar - or right mouse:
    "Insert Image"

    Currently it's:

    Toolbar - Insert / (expand flyout) /picture / from file

    i know its really only 3/4 clicks - but id love:
    Right mouse: Get Picture

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    Can "My Webs" folder no longer be the default location?
    I dont think ive ever seen anyone ever use it

    How about if ive made a "Web" - and i click to put a picture in - it goes to that folders images folder - or at least the folder where the open document is..

    no my documents  no my webs
    the CURRENT files folder
    thanks Smiley

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    Kill off Frontpage and replace with Visual Web Developer Express Edition.

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    as i said in another post - i downloaded that and have no idea where it went in my machine

    if they could just re-name frontpage to above ( as it has a reputation problem) and then add in all the new "easy?" vs net stuff - id be totally in favour of that.

    Only it wouldnt be Express
    it would be

    Visual Web Developer
    ( fp editor / VBnet code )


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    default should be

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\VWDExpress.exe

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    all i got was:

    do you need to own already to use this?

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    you should have a folder called "Microsoft Visual Studio 8" in the main prog files dir

    try reinstalling

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    thanks that worked

    ...looks like webmatrix ( = hard

    although style builder looks interesting - will check it out later

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